4 key differences between a film director and a producer

b4 - 4 key differences between a film director and a producer

During the film production process, there tends to be a bit of confusion especially among new professionals getting into the film industry when it comes to distinguishing between a film director and a producer. When you’re new in the film industry, their roles may sound confusing but once you get a hang of things, it becomes clear that these are two very different professionals.

Here are 4 key differences between a film director and a producer.

Their level of authority

The producer is essentially the overall in charge. Their task not only involves obtaining the rights for the film but also getting the funding, setting the budget and ensuring the budget is adhered to. The producer also hires the director and all other departmental heads. The film director on his/her part will be heavily involved in the casting, and will have final say on the cast to be hired, they are also responsible for coordinating all departmental heads, as well as the cast to ensure that their vision for the film is actualized.

Their degree of involvement in the film

During the production process, the film director will be in charge of the creative aspects of the film such as the dramatic and the artistic aspects. It’s their role to coordinate all the cast and crew in ensuring all this is achieved. The producer on the other hand will not directly be involved in the actual film production process, theirs will be to coordinate as well as plan all logistical aspects to ensure the film production process goes on smoothly.

Their roles while on set

The producer is more of a manager as they are responsible for the day-to-day operations while on the set. This will include supervising the production process,making final approval for purchase ad well as other requests from the various departments. The director on the other hand will be deeply involved in the actual nitty gritty of the production process such as ensuring the actors are doing their job right, the lighting is right, give actors pep talks in between takes, and generally ensuring that the day to day activities on set are in line with his/her vision for the film.

Their roles after filming is done

Once the filming is completed and it’s down to the post production stage, the producer will be responsible for ensuring the post production process goes according to budget, and will make hiring decisions such as hiring an editor for the job. The producer will also proactively start obtaining distribution deals for the film. The director on his part is ultimately responsible for the creative decisions during the editing process, and if they are famous, will proactively be involved in promoting the film through media interviews and other promotional activities.

For the success of a film, it’s very vital for the producer and director to work well together because their work is very much intertwined and each needs the other to achieve success.

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