The 7 main stages of film production

b3 - The 7 main stages of film production

Before you get into the actual practical task of producing films, it’s vital to have a proper understanding of the process itself. Film production is a 7 step process that every budding film director must be aware of.

Here are the 7 main stages of film production.

Stage 1: Development

The development stage may vary from film to film but in most cases it starts with writing of the script which can either be derived from a book or completely from scratch. In some instances, development will be considered to be the point at which the film director pitches his/her film idea to a producer.

m1 - The 7 main stages of film production

Stage 2: Pre-Production

Once the film idea has been accepted, the next step is the pre-production which is essentially when all the panning goes on before the actual production work can commence. This will involve determining the location, the film cast, the film crew, as well as the budget, and any other consideration that will help make the film a success.

Stage 3: Production

The production stage is when the actual practical film production work begins. Here it’s important for the film director to work with the cast and crew to ensure that everything goes as planned and is done within the set budget as well as schedule. A lot of expert coordination has to go into this process.

Stage 4: Principal Photography

The principal photography stage is essentially part of the production process and is when the actual shooting of the film takes place. During this stage, the film director must ensure the cast, crew as well as the props and any other on-set special effects are working smoothly to ensure the film comes out as planned.

m2 - The 7 main stages of film production

Stage 5: Wrap

Once the shooting ends and all the cameras are turned off, it’s considered a wrap. During this stage, everything gets dismantled as the set is cleared and the cast and crew leave the film location. It’s important to ensure that all equipment and every prop are returned in good functional order to the respective suppliers. You must have an inventory list to ensure this takes place smoothly.

Stage 6: Post-Production

In most cases, the post production will overlap with the principal photography because this is the stage at which the film director begins reviewing and editing the footage. Some directors will wait for the conclusion of the principal photography stage whereas other will begin post production earlier. It’s also at this stage that visual effects,sound effects, music, among others are developed and incorporated and the final film completed.

Stage 7: Distribution

Distribution is the final stage of the production process and a very anxious stage for the cast and production crew because it’s the moment the film is released for the world to see. Here, it’s the work of the producer to secure distribution deals with cinemas and other distribution platforms. It’s important to secure the right deals because they will determine if the film will have the right audience reach and make the right amount of money to ensure a return on investment.

With a proper mastery of what is required in all of these stages, you are ready to embark on your film production journey.

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