How to stand out in Hollywood as a film director

b7 - How to stand out in Hollywood as a film director

If you’re an aspiring film director then you probably know that the ultimate dream of every director is not only to make it to Hollywood but also stand out. Hollywood is undoubtedly the world capital for entertainment and the ultimate goal of all professionals in the film industry.

As a budding or even accomplished director looking to make it in Hollywood, you must be well aware that you are a needle in a haystack and your goal is to get out of this stack and stand out from the crowd. Everyone in Hollywood is there because they are looking to succeed in the film industry therefore you must be prepared for the cutthroat competition.

We are going to share with you 4 tips on how to stand out from the crowd in Hollywood. Please pay close attention.

You must understand the market

The first task of an aspiring director in Hollywood is to understand the market and how they fit in it. This will help you plan your entry into the entertainment scene. It will be very important for you to do your research of the industry, the players and the audience, to find out what each is looking for and how things have worked so far. Once you have all this information, find out where your style of work fits in all of it or whether it can be tweaked to fit into this scene.

You must always think internationally

Hollywood is not responsible for producing content for an American audience rather for an international audience. This is a fact you must be fully aware of and ensure your approach has an international audience in mind. The evidence of this is the fact that over half of Hollywood’s revenue is generated from markets overseas. As a film director looking to stand out in Hollywood, it’s therefore very important for you to think of projects that will be able to sell in America and beyond. Think of Asia, Europe, and Africa, and so on.

d1 - How to stand out in Hollywood as a film director

Learn the art of doing more with less

You must be aware that no studio in Hollywood will be willing to spend a lot of money on projects by first time film directors therefore you must master the art of being able to get a quality production on a very tight budget. You’re definitely going to get Hollywood’s attention if your project gains success in spite of being low budget. Find a way to cut your costs such as through using cheaper yet good quality cameras, first time actors who are affordable yet really good, and so on. It’s time to get creative.

Find or write a killer Script

The first part of a good production is a killer script. The ability of a director to visualize this script is secondary. Nothing turns heads in Hollywood better than a really great script because believe it or not, they are not easy to come by. It’s therefore important for you as a director to go through scripts that have stood out in Hollywood, understand why they stood out, take notes and then embark on the task of identifying one that will help you make your name in the industry.

We trust that this is information you will find helpful.

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