3 creative ways to finance an independent film

b9 - 3 creative ways to finance an independent film

As a budding film director looking to make a name in big film industries like Hollywood, it will require a little bit of gambling on yourself if you are to ever get your work out there. You will often have to produce an independent film and ensure it’s big enough in terms of quality of writing, directing and casting for it to attract the who is who in this cutthroat industry.

Here are 3 creative ways to finance an independent film.

#1 Selling equity on your film

As a film director with a really good script which you are confident will be a hit movie, you can be able to sell your idea to investors who are willing to buy equity  into your movie in the form of cash with an agreed predetermined profit percentage should the film be a success. This can be considered as a form of gambling because the only guarantee investors have on earning a return on their money is your word. You must ensure you are upfront with your investors on the potential risks because the film industry is a risky investment. It’s only investors who are risk averse who are likely to be willing to stake their money on you.

img4 - 3 creative ways to finance an independent film

#2 You could consider binary options

Binary options is a form of investment with a very high return though very risky with the potential of a huge loss on your part. Many have even termed it as a form of gambling. As a film director, you may opt to trust your gut, and invest your savings on binary options. The beauty about this form of investment is that you will know upfront what you stand to gain from the investment therefore you can simply put in the exact amount of money that will earn you enough returns to produce your movie. If you are successful, you will end up owning 100 per cent of your film as opposed to using external financiers who will end up owning a huge percentage of your film as well as the potential profits it will earn.

#3 You could consider taking a loan

As a film director, taking a loan to finance the production of your film is an option you have and it can be a form of gambling on yourself. This is because, you will have to personally guarantee the loan with a financial institution and this may include putting your physical property as collateral as well as the intellectual property of the film. If your film is a success, well and good as you will be able to pay back the financial institution with the profits and retain your property. However if your film is a flop, you may end up falling into debt.

There are of course other financing options available to you as a film maker so it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons and see what will work best for you. At the end of the day, if you want others to gamble on you, you also must be willing to gamble on yourself.

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