4 signs you’re addicted to poker

b11 - 4 signs you're addicted to poker

Poker is undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of gambling and probably the most known form of gambling in the world today. It’s no surprise that poker is actually one of the most common games to be featured by film directors in a number of casino scenes or when making reference to private high rollers in a film. This could actually be the reason why this game has grown so much in popularity globally.

All this aside, poker has also been listed as one of the causes of gambling addiction and this is our motivation for writing this article. We’ll take a look at 4 signs of poker addictionwhich indicate that it’s time for you to seek help.

You’re developing an addiction when you realize you can’t stop playing

Poker is meant to be a game of fun, socialization as well as income generation if you’re a professional gambler. If these are the reasons you’re playing it then it should be relatively easy to call it quits when you realize it’s negatively affecting your life. A telltale sign of addiction will be when you start experiencing difficulty in quitting as you c simply can’t get yourself to stop. When you notice this, it’s time for you to seek professional help.

When you stake money meant for other important things

You may be a good poker player but the moment you find yourself staking money you can’t afford to lose such as money for bills, rent, tuition, children’s college fund and others, it’s a clear indication that you are developing an addiction. In fact, this may be an advanced stage of addiction because it means you have lost complete control of your reasoning and your impulses are running wild. When you notice this, be sure to urgently seek help from a professional.

When you notice that poker is no longer fun

Poker is always meant to be a fun game whether you’re playing it as a professional or for recreation. However, when it gets to a point that the game is no longer fun instead, you’re simply playing and staking money to satisfy some sort of urge then it’s an indication that you’re developing an addiction. It’s therefore advisable for you to seek professional help.

When you realize you’re playing more to recoup your loses

As a poker player, the more you realize that the only reason you’re going back to play is because you are trying to recoup money you have lost in a couple of previous games, then it’s an indication that you’re developing an addiction. The game for you is no longer about having fun but recovering your money and in most case, you’re losing more and more, yet still coming back to play. This means it’s time to seek for professional help.

The best way to cure addiction is to recognize the problem early and seek help as soon as possible. Never ever allow yourself to fall into the trap of denial.

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